So You Want To Be A Pilot: Job and Training Resources

Many children dream of becoming a pilot. While most of them lose their aspiration as they grow older, others try to turn their dream into reality. Those who wish to pursue a career as a pilot have to undergo aviation training, so that they can fly a plane proficiently and safely. The eligibility criteria vary from one type of pilot job to another. For instance, a military pilot needs to be physically fit, while an airline pilot does not. Other than these two types of pilots, there are also freight pilots, rescue pilots, crop dusting pilots, private jet pilots, and others. Despite the fact that it is risky to fly an airplane, most pilots are passionate about their jobs, and some of them are even willing to accept lower pay to pursue their passion. Whether they are flying passengers with business class tickets or moving cargo from one place to another, all pilots take pride in their profession. Here is a list of websites that contain more information about pilot jobs and training.

Basic Job Information and Career Outlook

Avenues of Work and Employment Options

Training and Flight Schools